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Children with Coordinated Care get one eye exam per 12 months including refraction.  New glasses are covered and need to be ordered through Correctional Industries Optical (CI Optical).  Molly at Dr. David Schores at 150 Chimacum Rd Port Hadlock was most knowledgable about the system for this.  They are the only one in Jefferson Co that accepts Apple Health so there may be a wait for an appointment.  They do work emergencies in sooner and they can repair glasses. They are open Monday through Friday 8 to 5 ( Wednesday from 8 to 12)

150 Chimacum Rd. Port Hadlock, WA


Direct Insurance Questions to Coordinated Care :


Adoptive Family Program

Providing substantial savings on braces for adopted children and a discount for the rest of the family, including parents and waiting parents.

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Apple Health

All children in dependency are eligible for Medicaid through Apple Healthcare. This is free health care and is excellent!

Apple Health lady contact currently: Julie


Or set up an appoinment at the the office at Jefferson Healthcare Hospital

834 Sheridan St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Discovery Behavioral Health

Mental health clinic serving patients 4 years of age - adulthood in Jefferson County. Discovery Behavioral Health has an open door policy that anyone in crisis can walk in the clinic during open hours or call a 24 hour phone line and talk to someone on the crisis team for FREE. Discovery Behavioral Health takes Medicaid patients and offers Youth & Family Services, often for FREE to people caring for children on Medicaid. 



Dental Clinic, Jefferson Healthcare

Accepts Apple Health

Call 360-344-1005

915 Sheridan Street Port Townsend

Jumping Mouse Children's Center

Jumping Mouse provides children ages 2-12 with expressive mental health therapy. Their model of care includes weekly one-on-one play therapy sessions between the child and a specially trained therapist for as many weeks as necessary. While their child is in therapy, parents and caregivers also receive ongoing support. In addition, they meet with teachers and other important adults in the child’s life to develop a strong support system for the child and their family. Jumping Mouse also provides parent support through their Securing Connections parenting program.


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WISe is a voluntary service that takes a team approach to meeting your child’s needs. It provides intensive mental health services to support your child and helps your family reach your goals.