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Caregiving for Children with Sexual Behavioral Concerns

Presented by Penny Michel MSW, LICSW

This 6 hour in-service training for caregivers provides a foundation for caregiving and behavior management for children in out-of-home care who struggle with sexual behaviors. Participants will explore values and beliefs before reviewing typical child development and the impacts of trauma, abuse, and neglect on development. Participants will then explore in-depth how sexual abuse specifically can impact various development domains, as well as the child’s self-image, and the household supporting them. Sexual development is explored throughout childhood including what is typical, what may be “red flags”, how some experiences can lead to sexual behavior problems, and how to intervene and respond safely. Caregivers will learn about their role in promoting healthy sexual development, positive messaging, suggestions for prevention education, the importance of establishing house rules, and other ideas to maintain safety while also helping to prevent false allegations in their home.

In addition to the 6-hour, in-person training, you can also watch a 1-hour video, Working with Children

Exhibiting Sexual Behavioral Problems, with information to help manage a child who is sexually acting out in your home, and to help you create a safe and nurturing environment. Go to the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence website to view the video.

Registration is required. Some classes may have prerequisites.

To register, go to, select Our Courses, and search for your class. If you

have questions regarding the training, contact Penny Michel at

For registration support contact 1-866-577-1915 or email