Simple Ways You Can Help


 1. Clothe a Child in Care

Foster Supports is excited to work with community partners to fill the holes in the Clothing Closet collection. New socks, shoes and underwear are in particular demand. We welcome and encourage your participation and the involvement of local businesses. This is a community project! As clothes move out with children, more have to be collected to take their place. Please contact us to find more about children's current needs or to donate items. 

2. Organize a Meal Calendar

As with the arrival of any new child to a family, the arrival of child in a foster family can throw all rhythms out of sync. A flurry of doctor's appointments, enrollment in school/ daycare and visits with birth family compete with downtime nesting with the child and getting to know their unique needs and behavior. This can be a challenging time. 

Foster Supports welcomes volunteers who would like to start a meal train for these new arrivals. If you would like to help make baked goods, frozen meals or buy takeout for a family that is fostering, please contact us. We welcome fishermen and farmers as well. 

3. Support a Foster Family

Caring for children that have experienced neglect, abuse and loss can be a full time job. Many of the families that care for children in Jefferson County specifically provide homes for medically fragile children and specially-abled or behaviorally-challenging kids.  

Here are some of the many practical ways you can assist foster families in Jefferson County:

  • Hire a lawn or garden service (or organize a volunteer lawn brigade)

  • Hire housekeeping services or window washing 

  • Buy gift certificates to local restaurants, online shopping, Quimper Mercantile, car wash and more

  • Provide dog walking or credits toward doggy day care such as Dog Townsend

  • Laundry Services through local laundromats

  • Errand Running & Grocery Shopping

  • Diapers! Organize a diaper drive and deliver diapers to families with young children

  • Donate Your Services. Are you a masseuse? A hairdresser? A handyman? A therapist? A retired doctor? Someone who loves to shop for a good cause? Chances are, our families would appreciate your services!

  • Plan an Event for families and children to meet, resource share, and have fun together.