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Kicks For Kids

Our Local Problem

The number of children in foster care in Jefferson County = around 30

They would fit in one classroom.

The number of local foster homes = 6

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One Step Towards A Solution

Shoes! Kids who are removed from their families often don’t have adequate shoes. We can begin with this one small thing.

Why shoes? Because the need is easily solvable, but can also bring the weaknesses of our foster system into the light. By making the problem visible, Kicks for Kids can activate the caring spirit of Jefferson County to provide for our most vulnerable citizens.

The Kicks for Kids Fund will offer up to two pairs of shoes per foster child per year through Quimper Mercantile.

Short term goals:

•Shoes on feet - Foster children deserve dignity, and shoe shopping provides a keystone normalizing experience. This program also reinforces our community-owned retailer and keeps philanthropy circulating in the local economy.

•Community awareness - Our community can’t fix a problem its citizens don’t know about. There are not enough caregivers for our most vulnerable citizens. So most are sent to live out of county, away from everything they know.

Long term goal:

•Fewer children placed out of county - By providing tangible and visible community support, we encourage others to foster.

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